National Day of Protest and Action Against the Cuts

Posted: November 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

Next Wednesday, on 24th November, there will be a national day of protest and action against the cuts. Universities across the country are organising events, marches, protests and sit-ins.

At Warwick there will be a protest march starting at 12.00 from the piazza. Please spread the word about this march and encourage others to attend. There are likely to be other events on the day. If you are organising one please let us know.

Find out more about the day here:

Oh my God. I just found out about a leak from a government minister (to a VC and from that VC to someone I know) that the government are planning, through the cutting of university funding, to create a 2 tier HE system which will reinstate polytechnics and have a top tier of just 6 universities. Many of rest will be expected to fold and a fund has been set up to support them in their final 2-3 years as they wind down. They want to reduce access to university from 45% to 16%. What can I do with this information? How can we possibly act soon enough to prevent these changes? Any ideas guys? I haven’t told anyone else yet, I don’t really know what to do.

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