Why we should march and take action- by Aidan Barlow in personal capacity

Posted: November 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

I believe tomorrow is a vital day and that your presence will be valuable to us as a student movement .Across the country, thousands of students, academics, lecturers, workers and school/FE students will be taking action against the Con-Dem cuts. Its a real opportunity for Warwick university to proudly count itself amongst the ranks of those who believe we need to resist education cuts and tuition fees. It is the chance to continue building campaigns to challenge the government, but we need to stand up together.

There ARE alternatives… £120 billion was dodged in tax by some of the wealthiest people and largest corporations last year. Vodafone have just had a £6 billion tax bill written off. If we are “all in this together” why are the rich and powerful exempt?

The impact of education cuts and public spending cuts will be hundreds of thousands more thrown onto the scraphheap of unemployment. This includes graduates, where rates of unemployment are high, engineering for example is at 16%. To add insult to injury, the tories have embarked on a scapegoating of “scroungers” to cover up for economic policy which is going to savagely cut some of the most vulnerable in society.

Cuts to university funding directly threaten entire departments who are not seen as desirable by big business. We have already seen the creation of “Life sciences” at Warwick, which has cost many jobs and reduced the quality of education for Warwick students. I believe that courses in humanities and arts have a great social worth, they teach us to think critically, and to comprehend history, philosophy, sociology, art and other things. These are beautiful and have a worth beyond simple profits.

Without arts and humanities courses, i feel universities and our society will be impoverished. the accountability of government will be greatly diminished without students scrutinising and questioning their activities. Very simply, education cuts don’t heal

I believe that we should seek to defend ALL courses and departments, as it is this diversity which means that education still thrives in society, and still has a vital role to play for the future. Through a range of departments, from arts, social sciences, humanities, sciences and others, we can seek to meet the social, political, economic and ecological problems which we face in society today.

I believe the Con-Dems are out to wreck this. By denying those from worse off backgrounds the prospect of education, and by seeking to blame students, workers, the unemployed, the disabled, the elderly, women, LGBT+, public service users and others for a financial crash which we did not cause.

They claim a ‘national interest’, but i believe we have little in common with millionaires like Cameron, Osborne, Clegg, Gove et al. We have broken pledges from the politicians, who are part of a fledgling coalition.

I therefore urge you to march against them tomorrow, and to stand up to defend education from their ideological attack.

If you agree, then join us tomorrow on the piazza at 12 o’clock.

be bold, be brave, be beautiful.

Aidan, x

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