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Posted: November 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

We believe in free access to education. As such, we will be holding workshops on a variety of academic subjects, and inviting in guest speakers and facilitators.

We invite you to join us in the Arts Centre Conference Room.

In particular, we will be holding a workshop on the impact of education cuts tonight at 6:30pm. Please join us then!

The University has suggested that we are disrupting the education of our fellow students, but it is in fact the University who are doing so by hinting that lectures cannot go ahead within this space. We would like to clarify that we support the continuation of lectures in the conference room, and we will ensure that lectures are not disrupted by occupation participants for the duration of our protest.

Warwick security continue to block access to the Arts Centre Conference Room, but hopefully we can work together to create a collaborative learning space.

See you at 6:30!

  1. AnonymousAardvark says:

    Why are you occupying a university building to protest government cuts? I understand that London is about 2 hours away, and that’s a too far to go to take part in a real protest, but simply occupying the nearest empty room seems pointless and frankly lazy. David Cameron probably doesn’t see lifting the illegal occupation of the Arts Centre Conference Room as a massive priority.

    • StaffsUniSupporter says:

      DC doesn’t have to. The idea as I understand it is to get the VC to actually work for students instead of against them and use their influence to argue against the cuts.

    • Concerned Academic says:

      I think you are missing the point. The issue isn’t whether occupying a room at Warwick University will get Cameron to change his mind. Rather, that staging a protest enables a public discussion to begin about the issues that are of concern. The key thing here is that the current government are planning to privatise the higher education sector without there having been any discussion of this. There is no mandate for their proposals. If they won’t engage in discussion by other means, then it’s correct that people demonstrate to get their voices heard.

    • Warwick University has so far been complicit in plans to raise fees. The University and its Russell Group allies should use their significant lobbying abilities to convince the government to change its plans, rather than using their power to make students pay £9000+ a year on fees and enter a life of unaffordable debt.

      I do not speak for the occupation, merely in a personal capacity.

  2. Idliketoreply says:

    It’s not just about David Cameron, it’s about Warwick University taking note of what the student body believes in and engaging in dialogue with us, so that our views are represented by the university as a whole

  3. Anon says:

    I hear the Warwick protest made national news actually, good work guys!

  4. Hi AnonymousAardvark,

    Is this a disagreement of principle or tactics? If the latter then please do offer some constructive suggestions.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Warwick Against the Cuts

  5. Mainstream Student says:

    This organisers have the barefaced arrogance to claim that they represent students at Warwick in their list of demands – PLEASE.

    Almost 2,000 were invited to join the facebook group for your demonstration, only 200 accepted and far less than that actually bothered to turn up.

    There are what, fewer than 50 of you there – out of 22,000 students.

    You are as dishonest as the politicians that you hate. You represent nobody but your fellow Warwick Labour and Socialist Workers Party far-left activists.

    • Hi Mainstream,

      Given that a facebook event so obviously fails to constitute a plebiscite of student opinion on HE cuts, the natural question to ask is: why do you feel qualified to claim to represent ‘mainstream’ student opinion? Why doesn’t this constitute the sort of ‘barefaced arrogance’ you talk about in your comment?

      Yours Sincerely,

      Warwick Against the Cuts

  6. Also Anonymous says:

    I also notice that this entire blog is anonymous… does the person updating it not have the conviction in their beliefs to tell us who they are?

  7. Serafini says:

    You are as dishonest as the politicians that you hate. You represent nobody but your fellow Warwick Labour and Socialist Workers Party far-left activists.Mainstream Student says:
    November 24, 2010 at 8:21 pm
    You are clearly missing the point and being dishonest yourself, I fully support the occupation and I neither belong to either “Warwick Labour” or the “Socialist Workers Party far-left activists”. I support it for the well-being of British society; education fees in the UK are much higher than anywhere else in Europe. In Scandinavia and the Benelux students get paid to study and in France and Germany the universities are nearly free. Education is a fundamental human right, not a privilege. Now stop whining and finish your management degree.

  8. Mainstream Student says:

    I am not the one making the bold public claim – you are the one declaring that this occupation represents WARWICK STUDENTS – where is your evidence?

    There is no real evidence to support your claim – and what casual evidence there is points to the exact opposite! 200 attending, 430 not attending, 152 ‘likes’, 30-50 occupiers out of 20,000 students. The banking society can get 300 out of 500 members to an event the next day, you couldn’t get 100 of 22,000 to a protest organised and marketed a week in advance.

    Something tells me that you don’t represent many of us.

    All the evidence that we do have points to far left ‘occupying’ activists representing other far left activists and their sympathisers.

    • Hi Mainstream,

      You’re simply repeating your claim that response to a facebook event represents a meaningful barometer of student opinion. Can you see what some people would fail to accept this assumption either conceptually or empirically? Furthermore you have failed to answer the earlier polite question: why do you feel qualified to claim to represent ‘mainstream’ student opinion? Why doesn’t this constitute the sort of ‘barefaced arrogance’ you talk about in your comment?

      Yours Sincerely,

      Warwick Against the Cuts

  9. RadicalCentre says:

    I am inclined to believe that the average Warwick university student wouldn’t fancy a £9000-a-year fee.

    They are representing Warwick Students insofar as they are students at Warwick demonstrating a belief at least. There are ~2.4 million students at UK universities and 50,000 attended the London rally if we make a high estimate and assume everyone there was a student. This is about 2.08% of the student population of Britain, and I’m pretty sure we’d be willing to say that the peaceful protesters represent the average student. There would probably have been more people but for transport difficulties etc.

    If we say 100 members were there at the start of the sit-in then this is about 0.45% of the student body, but consider the following: 1) The university may or may not punish people it believes have done something wrong, so people will be discouraged by that 2) Only a tiny proportion of the student body will have been aware of what was actually happening. I know I didn’t know. If we take what you said about the facebook group having 2000 members, add another 2000 for the posters which were apparently about the place then we have an estimate of 2.5%, which is representative by the starndard of the protest.

  10. Ruth says:

    Hello there, I’m posting from the occupation in a personal capacity.

    Blog posts are agreed upon by the occupation, and as such it would be inappropriate for them to be signed off by an individual. We do not have a leader, and are making decisions in a consensual manner.

    We are Warwick students, and hence are perfectly entitled to call ourselves Warwick students! If you disagree with our action, that is your choice. It is not our intention to block students’ access to this space: quite the opposite!

    I am not a member of either the Labour Party or the Socialist Party. Yes, they are here, but so are members of the Liberal Democrats and the Greens, and individuals with no political affiliations.

  11. Lewis says:

    The occupation has made a difference and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. If you did not occupy the ACCR then others like you at other Universities might not have acted either. In the end nobody would have acted. Your job is done and you have reached critical media saturation point. No more value will come from staying overnight so please do get some rest. Go have a drink to celebrate!

  12. Judgeread says:

    I think that you have done well to get this far.
    Now I think that you should clean up and straighten the room and leave with dignity at 2300.
    But fight again another day

    Bravo to all of you

  13. David Buckeridge says:

    Let’s be honest. This is just a another big social event like the Gaza related sit in in the social studies building last year. I hope some of you guys get laid.

  14. Mainstream Student says:


    Students of the University of Warwick ”

    Please simply outline what evidence gives you the (moral) authority to claim to represent the students of Warwick Uni.

    A less misleading label would be ‘lefty activists at the University of Warwick’ or ‘Coalition Against the Cuts Warwick or National Coalition Against Cuts and Fees Warwick’.

    As we agree that there is no official polling data either way, the best evidence we have (attendance) clearly states that you are not supported by the vast vast majority (21,930 or whatever) students here.

    I don’t mind if I am a hypocrite, I am not embarrassing or trying to look like I am representing anyone apart from myself. I’m not trying to get media attention and I don’t think anyone cares about me. This page is about you.

    So, just to clear up: please simply outline what evidence gives you the (moral) authority to claim to the world that you represent the students of Warwick Uni.

    I hope that it isn’t too cold in there!

  15. AnonymousAardvark says:

    I’m fully behind the principles of the protest, but think the tactics are misguided. I would guess the majority of the student body would support some sort of protest and agree that people should not be priced out of education, but see this occupation as the wrong way to go. My worry is that by inconveniencing other students, the sadly apathetic majority of students will be put off the cause to the detriment of public discussion.

    I would genuinely be prepared to listen to what other attempts have been made to approach the VC through the SU, which should surely be the right way to go about this if possible?

    All this said, I hope you get the results you’re looking for

  16. Listening to the Ashes says:

    I agree with both sides on this one to an extent, but hope your campaign against higher fees doesn’t end up interrupting the lectures tomorrow of those students who are paying to be there.

    I personally wouldn’t have wanted to pay £9,000pa, but then again, when the top up fees came in a few years ago, there was similar outrage – overall student numbers were destined to decline and now look – too many students.

    Yes, this does result in a price-based decision for A-level students, but at the same time, the repayments are success based – unlike the current £15,000 threshold which any good burger flipper could attain in due course.

    Any word from the Students’ Union on what their plan of action is at the moment?

    Kudos to you all for raising the issue publicly and for the PEACEFUL protest.


  17. Razi says:

    They do represent students of the University of Warwick. Whether that be a majority, a minority or even only two students, it remains accurate. If they were to sign as “THE students of the University of Warwick” then they would be claiming authority, which as of yet they have not done so.

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