Statement to lecturers regarding tomorrow’s lectures

Posted: November 24, 2010 in Uncategorized

Here is the content of the email that we have sent to individual lecturers who are scheduled to teach in the ACCR tomorrow.

“We understand that your lecture in the ACCR tomorrow has been rescheduled by the university due to our occupation of the lecture theatre. We would like to make very clear that we do not intend to cause any disruption and that this action was not sanctioned by us; we want this to remain a space for education. As such we strongly support lectures going ahead as usual and whilst we will maintain a non-intrusive symbolic presence we would not disrupt the lecture.

We hope you will consider holding your lecture in here as normal.

Yours sincerely,

Students of Warwick University (currently in occupation)”

We couldn’t contact the Business School lecturers because we couldn’t find their addresses, so if anyone has a lecture in here tomorrow with the Business school please draw their attention to the fact that we want lectures to go ahead.


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