We are students and staff at the University of Warwick. We are against the plans to cut public funding to Higher Education and effectively privatise UK universities. We are you. Join us!

  1. brighton occupation says:


  2. Warwick Grad says:

    As a Warwick Graduate I’ve been following current actions with a lot of pride. I was active in the Grants Not Fees actions when I was at Warwick about a decade ago.

    It’s a tragedy that the University authorities are being so obstructive (they should take a leaf out of UCL’s book).

    Rest assured you have my total solidarity. I’m there with you in spirit if not in body!!!

  3. angry students from zurich says:

    Dear warwick students

    We from zurich send you all the best for your
    struggle, we know how hard it can be: last
    year we kept occupying the biggest hall of our
    university during two weeks.
    It was a great time, we sampled new forms of
    communication and resistance, so will you!

    global resistance against global cuts!
    everything for everyone!
    from zurich with love and rage!

    students from zurich

    solidarity-action at university of zurich, 1/12/2010

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