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Over 70 students yesterday occupied the Admin block of University of Manchester in opposition to the cuts. Inspired by the events of the protest in London on Wednesday, the students demanded an end to the cuts and stood in solidarity with staff.
After 3 hours of occupation, a statement from the Vice Chancellor was issued and the students left the Occupation in order to better organise the next steps of the campaign. Students from the occupation are now building for the national teaching walk out on the 24th November.

More information on the Manchester Occupation website


Yesterday, upwards of 50,000 students marched against the Con-Dem onslaught on education, which will result in massively increased tuition fees, a declining standard of education with job cuts and departmental budget cuts and potentially a more class divided society, with many being cut out from the chance of attending university.

Such a large demonstration is indicative of the massive feeling of anger that students feel toward the Tories and the spineless LibDems. For the most part, it was a peaceful demo too, which was loud and vibrant, with messages of ‘No ifs, no buts, no education cuts’.

However the march passed by Conservative party HQ in Millbank. This became the focal point of action for many thousands of students. The building was battered to pieces, with hundreds infiltrating it, and many reaching the roof, with thousands in the crowds outside cheering.

However the action has produced a hysterical reaction from the right wing media, with arguments about how the action was “despicable” and “marred” the demonstration. I wish to take on these arguments head on, and also to provide a synopsis of some of the events too.


On Wednesday 10th November students from the University of Warwick will be joining tens of thousands of students across the country to protest in London against the cuts to higher education. This demonstration is organised by the University and College Workers Union (UCU) and the NUS.

If you would like to go to the demonstration on a coach for just £5 return, then check out the Union website

More information about the demonstration can be found here

The Facebook event for the Warwick contingent can be found here and the national protest here