We are now streaming live

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You can watch the occupation on ustream here.


A Collaborative Education Space

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We believe in free access to education. As such, we will be holding workshops on a variety of academic subjects, and inviting in guest speakers and facilitators.

We invite you to join us in the Arts Centre Conference Room.

In particular, we will be holding a workshop on the impact of education cuts tonight at 6:30pm. Please join us then!

The University has suggested that we are disrupting the education of our fellow students, but it is in fact the University who are doing so by hinting that lectures cannot go ahead within this space. We would like to clarify that we support the continuation of lectures in the conference room, and we will ensure that lectures are not disrupted by occupation participants for the duration of our protest.

Warwick security continue to block access to the Arts Centre Conference Room, but hopefully we can work together to create a collaborative learning space.

See you at 6:30!

The VC has expressed that he would like to meet with a representative from within the occupation. We feel that it would be more beneficial if he were to come and speak with the group within the occupation. This is because we feel that a single person is not adequately or fairly equipped to represent the views of all who are currently in occupation.


We would also ask that in keeping with the open nature of this meeting that any student  or staff member (ie. including those who are not currently in the occuapation space) be allowed to come in and participate in this discussion. This is not a request, this is a necessary condition.


We stress our non-violent nature and our genuine desire to take part in a peaceful and democratic negotiation with the Vice-Chancellor.


We are occupying the Arts Centre Conference Room in protest against the cuts to higher education and tuition fees rises proposed by the Government in response to the Browne Review. While we occupy this space we are creating a space of truly free and democratic education where we will run workshops, talks and other educational events — education that has nothing to do with profit and the market and everything to do with learning and sharing together.  We are not intellectual capital! We reject the marketisation of our education system and the transfer of the cost of a public service onto students, University staff and employees.

Our demands to the University of Warwick are as follows:

– The University of Warwick is to condemn the government’s plans for the restructuring of higher education; this includes but is not limited to:

  • the recommendations of the Browne Review and the  Government’s Comprehensive Spending Review
  • the raising of tuition fees
  • the removal of public financial support for Arts and Social Sciences.


– That the Vice Chancellor should use his position within the Russell Group to oppose the cuts.

– For the University to allow people to freely enter or leave the Arts Centre Conference Room for the duration of the occupation so that we may continue to peacefully protest and have access to sanitation, food and water.

– A clarification of the security team’s position regarding their presence and our access to and from the building.

– The University to provide transparency of university finances: this includes current and future budgets, with specific references to domestic and international tuition fees and departmental spending.

– Individual University departments to have the right to protest against the cuts.

– No victimisation or punishment of any kind for students and staff who have protested, are protesting and will protest.

– The Vice Chancellor (or most senior authority currently on campus) to meet with us and discuss our demands in person.

We consider these demands to be fair and reasonable, and would appreciate a quick response.


Students of the University of Warwick


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A group of 100 students (undergrad and postgrad) and staff have occupied the Warwick Arts Centre lecture theatre.  We’re currently in the process of formulating demands and preparing a statement. Send messages of support & solidarity to: warwickunioccupation@gmail.com

4pm: Professor Gerd-Rainer Horn from the history department talking about the student movement and student action.

I believe tomorrow is a vital day and that your presence will be valuable to us as a student movement .Across the country, thousands of students, academics, lecturers, workers and school/FE students will be taking action against the Con-Dem cuts. Its a real opportunity for Warwick university to proudly count itself amongst the ranks of those who believe we need to resist education cuts and tuition fees. It is the chance to continue building campaigns to challenge the government, but we need to stand up together.

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Leaflets and posters will be dished out tomorrow from the piazza;

I’m happy to lend my stall table thing from 11am – mid afternoon. We obviously need at least 2 people at any one time to be there to be on the stall and to hand out leaflets.

Let me know if you can, thanks

Aidan, x