What you can do

Write to your MP

It only takes a minute. Find your local MP and contact them here

Sign the Right to Recall Pledge

The NUS have launched a campaign called ‘Right to Recall’. At the general election, Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg made a great deal of politicians needing to ‘be more honest’, and ‘for promises to be kept’. The Liberal Democrats also suggested that a new ‘right to recall’ procedure should be introduced whereby MPs who break promises or are found guilty of impropriety should be vulnerable to a constituency petition of (10%) that MP would face an immediate by-election.

To sign up to pledge not to vote for the Lib Dems in the next election and to recall MPs who break their promises, go here


Take part in the actions on 24th November. There will be a peaceful march and other actions and activities taking place. Meet at 12.00 at the piazza. Critical mass is essential.

Sign the petition to save humanities and social sciences

The proposed changes mean that all funding for teaching in humanities and social sciences will be cut. Read more against objections to this and sign the petition here.

Raise Awareness

Print some posters off and put them up around your department. Action day posters available for download here.

Organise a discussion in your department or student society.

Come to Meetings and Events

There will be numerous meetings and events on campus in the coming months organised by various groups. We will update you on these events through this site. A critical mass is essential. If you support what people are doing to defend your education, your children’s education and your jobs, then turn up!

Join your Union

Join your union and find out what is being done to fight the cuts.

UCU for academic staff and postgrads

Unision for support staff

NUS for students


Don’t just stop at your MP. Write to newspapers.

Write articles for online and press publications.

Get in touch with the local press.

If you are an academic, use your professional clout to support the campaign and work with others to write joint pieces for professional and public outlets.

Everybody, ask the university management for their opinions on the cuts and what Warwick is going to do in response.

Join the national mailing list

A mailing list has been set up to co-ordinate action onthe cuts to higher education. You can share information about events taking place locally and nationally, as well as share comment and debate.

To join, either:

Send an email to LISTSERV@JISCMAIL.AC.UK and in the body of the email type SUBSCRIBE CAMPAIGNFORTHEPUBLICUNIVERSITY. Leave the subject blank


go to https://www.jiscmail.ac.uk/cgi-bin/webadmin?A0=CAMPAIGNFORTHEPUBLICUNIVERSITY and follow the instructions

  1. Sara Gonzalez says:

    The Office for Budget Responsibility report for November 2010 demonstrates that the university fees reform will increase not only student debt but national debt. The information is on the website of Million+:

    Let’s get the message to the general public, who might not give a damn about unviersities, but care about how much they pay.

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